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Stay up-to-date on the RFTA 27th Street project. Beginning with clearing and grubbing in April.

Residents of Glenwood Springs, Colorado, or anyone who frequently travels through the city of Glenwood Springs, it's important to stay informed about the RFTA 27th Street project that will begin in April 2023. The project will impact traffic, pedestrians, and the Rio Grande Trail, and knowing what to expect can help you navigate the area safely and efficiently.

RFTA 27th Street project is located on Colorado HWY 82 at the intersection of 27th Street. The RFTA 27th Street project includes the reconfiguration of the Rio Grande Trail, drainage improvements, and the construction of two underpasses under 27th St and CO HWY 82. The project will be completed in three phases, with the initial clearing and grubbing starting in April 2023.

Here's what to expect:

Traffic impacts:

  1. Traffic will shift out of the current pattern to allow for the construction of both underpasses.

  2. There will be two thru lanes and a left-hand turn lane each direction on CO 82, and 27th St. will lose the double left-hand turn lane during phases 2 and 3.

  3. There will also be a speed reduction to 25 MPH on CO 82 during construction.

Rio Grande Trail impacts:

  1. The trail will be closed and detoured from late April 2023 until the project completion in October 2024.

  2. Directional and way finding signs will guide trail users from the detour that will go from 29th St. to Grand Ave. until it ties back into the Rio Grande Trail at 23rd St.

Pedestrian impacts:

  1. Pedestrians will not be allowed to cross the CO 82 Corridor at 27th St for the duration of the project.

  2. Pedestrians will not be allowed to cross 27th St on the west side of the intersection.

  3. All pedestrian CO 82 crossing will occur at 23rd St.

  4. A temporary pedestrian route on East 27th St will allow users to access the transit station and continue south along the CO 82 corridor.

To navigate the construction area safely, it's important to expect:

  1. Daily lane closures outside of commuter time.

  2. An increased presence of construction workers.

  3. Pedestrian routing changes around the 27th St. Station.

  4. Increased pedestrian and cyclist activity on Grand Ave.

Stay informed about the RFTA 27th Street project by signing up for newsletter updates. By knowing what to expect, you can navigate the area safely and efficiently and avoid any unnecessary delays or inconveniences.


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