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27th Street Pedestrian Underpasses Project is in Phase 3, 75% Complete

We are currently in Phase 3 of the 27th Street Pedestrian Underpasses Project, focusing on completing the north half of the 27th Street tunnel. The intersection of Highway 82 and 27th Street has been restored to its original alignment prior to construction. The project is now approximately 75% complete. So far, we have finished the underpass beneath Highway 82 and half of the 27th Street underpass. Additionally, we have revamped the intersection with new signal poles and mast arms. We are in the process of finishing the northern section of the 27th Street underpass and getting walls completed on the East half and on the west half of the Highway 82 underpass.

At the east portal of the Highway 82 tunnel, we've incorporated aesthetically pleasing board-form concrete architecture on each side. An 8-foot-wide concrete sidewalk fully handicapped accessible ramp with handrails on both sides, equipped with snowmelt technology, ensures safety during winter by preventing ice and snow buildup. The east portal also houses our snowmelt mechanical room and a stairwell for direct access to AND from the RFTA station and buses, allowing another way to access the RFTA station without using the ramp.

Next steps are finishing constructing walls along the Rio Grande Corridor. During Phase 2, the Highway 82 underpass was fully opened on the east side, featuring interior lighting, security cameras, and a finished sidewalk. The intersection of Highway 82 and 27th Street has historically been prone to pedestrian injuries and fatalities. Addressing this issue was a goal of the RFTA 2040 initiative, aiming to create a safer crossing for pedestrians and transit users. After evaluating options, we determined that underpasses were more accessible and less visually intrusive compared to overpasses.

Phase 2 saw the completion of the south half of the 27th Street tunnel. Phase 3 focuses on constructing the north half and realigning the Rio Grande Trail, which will run alongside the tunnel's interior wall and reconnect with the Rio Grande Trail alignment upon completion. This underpass and trail section will ensure uninterrupted crossing of 27th Street, eliminating the need for pedestrian push buttons. Watch Update Video


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