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Anticipated Increase Traffic Congestion as Roaring Fork School District-RE 1 Restarts Thursday

Week of August 14-18, 2023
Anticipated traffic impacts are:
  • Early next week, 27th Street is being re-striped eastbound, there will be a right turn only, the middle lane will become a straight through and left turn lane. Motorists need to pay attention to which travel lane they are in to make the appropriate directional movement.

  • Roaring Fork School District-RE 1 is back in session beginning on Thursday, August, 17. Please note there will be an increase in traffic congestion.

  • Motorists are encouraged to use alternate routes around the project when possible to balance the traffic volumes during the peak morning and evening commutes. Delays should be expected.

  • The temporary shoring on the west wall of the Pedestrian Underpass’s first phase excavation is close to completion.

  • Permanent installation, at the Pedestrian Underpass, of the electrical conduit beneath and building forms for the floor, is scheduled for Monday – with rebar and concrete soon following.


Attention All Commuters and Pedestrians!

The RFTA 27th Street Station is currently undergoing active construction for the RFTA 27th Street underpasses project. This means that the area is a construction zone, and we want everyone to stay safe and informed.

Pedestrians, please take extra caution when entering and exiting the construction area to access the bus station. Safety is our top priority, so please follow all signage and guidance provided. Your patience during this construction phase is greatly appreciated as we work to improve this important transportation hub for our community. Please take a look at pedestrian map below for safe routes.


Connect to the project:

Phase 1: April 2023 - October 2023 | Phase 2: October 2023 - May 2024 | Phase 3: May 2024- October 2024

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