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The RFTA 27th Street Project is located on CO HWY 82 and the intersection of RFTA 27th street station, in
Glenwood Springs. The project includes traffic impacts in Glenwood Springs, reconfiguration of the
Rio Grande Trail, drainage improvements and construction of two underpasses under 27th St and
CO HYW 82. 


Current Re-route maps,
alerts and updates.

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Re-route maps, alerts
and updates.


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  • I usually ride on the Rio Grande trail, How do I get from 23rd to 29th street?
    From the 23rd street intersection follow the clearly marked way finding and detour signs. The reroute will take you down Grand Ave. sidewalk to 29th street. Please see the map below.
  • My kids go to Sopris Elementary School it starts August 17 what kind of traffic impact should I expect?
    As you are already aware, the new traffic alignment has been in place for a few weeks. It's important to be aware that the volume of traffic will significantly increase as buses and parents drive their kids to school. This will impact your daily commute and drop-off/pick-up process at Sopris Elementary. To ensure a more manageable and stress-free daily commute, allow yourself some additional time and stay informed about the traffic changes. We strongly advise planning extra time to navigate around the increased traffic and potential congestion, particularly at the entrance or exit to Mt. Sopris Drive, as both directions will be accessing the same road for Sopris Elementary. Please sign up for Traffic Impact Newsletter, sign up here Please see map and review details We also encourage you to sign up if you have child(ren) is planning on taking the RFTA bus to get to school. Sign up for RFTA alerts that will alert you on any route changes.
  • Will RFTA have ADA Complimentary Paratransit service for individuals who have been disabilities?
    Yes. It is a free service. Please call this number for more information (970) 384-4855.
  • Will there be any RFTA bus service delays?
    If there any delays at the RFTA 27th Street Station they will be posted on the the RFTA website. We recommend you also sign up for RFTA service alerts on
  • I usually cross Highway 82/27th intersection to get to the 27th Street Transit station. Can I cross that intersection now?
    No. The 27th street intersection is closed. See image below for Rio Grande Detour Map.

Project Phases

Phase 1
April 2023 - October 2023

East portal construction and east half of CO HWY 82 underpass construction.

Phase 2
October 2023 - May 2024

West half of CO HWY 82 underpass, south half of 27th St. sidewalk construction.

Phase 3
May 2024- October 2024

North portion of Rio Grand Trail, north half of 27th St. underpass, north 27th St. sidewalk construction.

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Project location

Colorado HWY 82 & 27th Street,
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

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