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27th Street has first traffic shift impact, midday on Monday, July 17

Glenwood Springs, CO–The Roaring Fork Transportation Authority (RFTA) and contractor partner, Myers & Sons have completed the detour paving for

the first phase of the project that will shift traffic off the southbound (up valley lanes) onto the detour route. Crews have been preparing the Rio Grande Trail to support the traffic shift so work can begin on the first underpass tunnel closest to the RFTA BRT station under Colorado Highway 82.

The shift will take place midday on Monday, July 17 when traffic volumes are lower and after the temporary striping of the new alignment is complete. CO 82 will still have two lanes of traffic in each direction in this configuration. Motorists are encouraged to slow down through the work zone to become more familiar with the new alignment.

Once completed, this two year project will move pedestrians and cyclists through two underpass tunnels, one under Colorado Highway 82 and one under 27th Street, to more safely connect to the Rio Grande Trail and the RFTA Bus Rapid Transit station.

The project work zone is located at the intersection of 27th Street and CO 82. The work includes a reconfiguration of the Rio Grande Trail, drainage improvements and construction of two underpasses, one under 27th Street and the other under CO 82 to connect to the BRT station. Connect to the project:

Phase 1: April 2023 - October 2023 | Phase 2: October 2023 - May 2024 | Phase 3: May 2024- October 2024

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